Phone Zap Against Burgerville Attacks on Fast Food Organizing


Call for a phone zap campaign in support of members of the Burgerville Workers Union who are being targeted by Burgerville corporate for organizing on the job in the Pacific Northwest.

Workers at Burgerville are facing retaliation after filing for a union election! At the Burgerville near the Covention Center over 10 workers have been disciplined and 1 fired in the two days since they filed with the NLRB on Wednesday! They even suspended a core union leader for not wearing a name tag, just two days before she was set to start maternity leave.

This is a disgusting, brutal escalation of Burgerville’s anti-union campaign and it must not be allowed to continue.

Call Burgerville and tell them this CANNOT continue:

Burgerville corporate: 360-694-1521 and email them at

HR director Elizabeth Graham: 360-906-4472

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