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Jul 20, 21

Phone Zap Callout from Prisoners at Polk, CI in Butner, NC

Call for phone zap in support of prisoners in Butner, NC to demand the firing of an abusive guard.

At least three prisoners currently being held at Polk Correctional Institution in Butner, CI recently got in touch with a group of supporters on the outside to request a phone zap on their behalf. They have asked that we call Todd Ishee, the North Carolina Commissioner of Prisons, to demand that an abusive guard be fired or at least removed from Polk, where he has been physically assaulting prisoners and threatening their families. The prisoners have written a script that they would like us to read.

WHO TO CALL: You can reach Todd Ishee at (330) 544-4425 (landline) or (330) 559-1332 (cell) or by asking for him at the DPS main switchboard (919) 838-4000 (this one will take way long, so we recommend trying the other numbers first).

WHAT TO SAY: This is a message from several prisoners you are holding at Polk Correctional Institution:

Sergeant Wilson at Polk Correctional Institution has been involved in over ten excessive force incidents.  The most recent incident happened in the fall of 2020 when he smacked an inmate twice in the face while he was chained down to a table. This was reported by Nurse Sweats. He got moved for six months and now he is back on H-CON (Supermax) spraying prisoners and beating them with sticks, disrespecting and threatening their families for no reason other than he feels like it’s a macho thing. Among others, he specifically threatened the families of JaaMall Oglesby (OPUS number 0775767) and Stephon Jennings (OPUS number 1435356).  His second recent use of force was in may when he beat Ricardo L. Moore with a stick. Administration at Polk–Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Cooper–aren’t properly disciplining this sergeant. He should be fired.

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