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Jun 10, 20

Phone-Zap: Demand Charges Be Dropped Against BLM Protesters in Stanislaus County

Call for a phone-zap campaign to demand that charges be dropped against Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Stanislaus County.

On June 3rd a Black Lives Matter protest was held in Oakdale, CA. During the demonstration, counter-protesters who were drinking openly in front of police, began shouting racist slurs and began attempting to incite violence.

On at least three separate occasions, various people from the group of counter-protestors attempted to CROSS THE STREET with officers from the Oakdale Police and Stanislaus Sheriff’s Departments standing by.

There is no denying that if a BLM protestor ran across the street, they would’ve been arrested on the spot. In fact, after tensions were allowed to escalate to the point where Nick Gonzales, a counter-protester, attacked a group of people in a car. Police responded not only by arresting Nick Gonzales, but also the people he attacked.

The cherry on top of this entire situation, which is also seen in the video proof of this incident, is that there was unequal representation from Oakdale PD and Stanislaus Sheriff’s between the crowds of protestors. Black Lives Matter protestors were chaperoned by 30+ officers altogether, most in full riot gear, others on bikes, and many on horses. The counter-protestors had about 3 officers in total, who stood there sharing laughs with them as this went on. As you watch the video, you can see two officers grab the initial attacker, Nick Gonzales, allowing the mob to run up and into the car, continuing the attack.

This unequal surveillance and their refusal to DISPERSE this group who tried to incite violence on SEVERAL OCCASIONS is completely on OAKDALE PD and STANISLAUS SHERIFFS. The fact that in the following days a “State of Emergency” was put in place and far-Right militias have since been on the streets armed to the teeth in order to “police” future protests just illustrates that the threat of violence is not coming from Black Lives Matter.

We need to hold these police officers accountable. Please share this article and call Stanislaus District Attorney to make a formal complaint about their actions, which helped facilitate racist violence.


Hi, my name is (Your name goes here). I’m a concerned citizen calling on behalf of the Black Lives Matter protesters who have been arrested in Stanislaus County.

I’m aware that several protesters have been arrested and charged with various crimes, ranging from disturbing the peace, to allegedly assaulting police officers.

Many of the situations that brought about these charges were caused by the failures of local police departments who were unable to prevent the violence instigated by counter-protestors or by police instigating it themselves.

We demand that all charges against BLM protestors be dropped.

Where to Call:

Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager: 209-525-5550

Investigations: 209-525-5574, 209-525-5581

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