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Apr 21, 20

Phone Zap: End NC DPS’ Repression & Medical Neglect Against Daniel Allen

Call for phone zap in support of Daniel Allen, a prisoner in North Carolina.

On Wednesday, April 22, we are appealing to people of faith and conscience to call the NC Department of Public Safety and Maury Correctional to pressure them to stop the medical neglect of Mr. Daniel Allen, a prisoner at Maury who lives with respiratory issues who is being medically neglected.  Mr. Allen has been suffering retaliation from prison staff for a lawsuit he filed against the prison system. He is an advocate for himself and for other prisoners. Currently, Mr. Allen’s mail is being withheld, but his friends and family members have requested us to mobilize for him.

When you call, we suggest that you use the following script:

I am calling on behalf of Mr. Daniel L. Allen # 0519820, currently at MAURY Correctional.  Mr. Allen suffers from Asthma & has Bronchitis and issues breathing. He has been hospitalized several times during his incarceration for these issues.  He is high risk for COVID-19, yet his last five sick calls have gone unanswered. Moreover, at this crucial time, Mr. Allen’s mail is being withheld, in retaliation for his advocacy for himself and other prisoners.  I am calling to demand the following:

  1. That Mr. Allen be seen by a doctor immediately.

  2. That Mr. Allen’s mail be restored to him so that he can stay in touch with his advocates on the outside.

  3. That Mr. Allen be transferred out of Maury CI and/or released immediately.

If these demands are not met, DPS can expect further pressure from members of our community.  We refuse to watch in silence as DPS places our friend and neighbor at risk. We are watching and will respond to DPS’ actions as needed.

Here are the numbers of people to call:

Loren Harrel (regional director for DPS): 919-214-6900

Maury Correctional Institution: ‎252-747-1400

Main Line at the DPS Offices: 919-733-2126 (ask for Todd Ishee and Tim Moose – you will need to call twice, once to ask for each of them).

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