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Aug 15, 16

Phone Zap: Fight WI Prison Torture

From Dying to Live
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To support the prisoner hunger strike happening now in Wisconsin, please take a couple of minutes to call:

DOC Central office- 608-240-5000, [email protected] Ask to speak with Jon Litscher’s office, sample script: “I am calling in support of Cesar DeLeon, LaRon McKinley, Antonio Smith, Aaron Scott and anyone else who is protesting Administrative Confinement at Waupun CI, or any other facility. Please meet these men’s demand that a one year cap be placed on Administrative Confinement. Also please oversee, investigate and protect the prisoners from reprisals from your staff.”

WCI Warden Brian Foster- (920) 324-5571 Ask to speak with the Warden’s office, sample script: “I am calling out of concern for the hunger striking prisoners in your facility, including Cesar De Leon, LaRon McKingley, as well as Antonio Smith and Aaron Scott who have recently joined the hunger strike. Please stop force feeding all hunger strikers, and please separate them from officers Beahm and Maungey who have a well established record of mistreating prisoners, including these men.”

Expect to redirected around to other phone numbers and brushed off by different levels of bureaucracy of the prison. Be persistent, talk to as many people as you can, ask for names and positions, and post the response here. If possible, call for multiple days to increase the pressure.

A hunger striker inside Waupun has told us “I just talked to two of the guys who will join us on the hunger-strike and they say they’ll start on Monday (8-15-16). Their names are “Antonio Smith” #275561 and “Aaron Scott” #461771. Smith can’t send or receive any mail. He is completely isolated by court order. Both of these guys want to protest the over use of solitary confinement and a few personal things they have going. You think you can have someone call the prison and chekc on them by 8.17.16? If the adm. knows that they have support their sacrifice will have a bigger impact.”

Here is a “How-To” video for calling prisons (the example used is a lot longer than what’s expected for this call, but it shows how the process can often look like)

If you’re participating internationally, you can make an international voice call to the US very cheaply using google voice / hangouts

If you wish to write to participating prisoners to make message of support to hunger strikers, please write to: Cesar Deleon #322800, Antonio Smith” #275561, Aaron Scott #461771 or LaRon McKinley #42642, at:
Waupun Correctional Institute
P.O. Box 351
Waupon, WI 53963

Norman Green #228971 has recently been transferred to Columbia, and can be written at
Columbia Correctional Institute
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

People who wish to write can use the Milwaukee IWW PO Box as a return address, at PO Box 342294, Milwaukee, WI, 53234

More information on the incarcerated workers participating in this action and their writings can be found at: and #DyingToLiveWI on twitter.

An injury to one is an injury to all.


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