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Jul 20, 20

Phone Zap for JaaMall Oglesby: Prisoner At Polk CI in North Carolina

Call for phone-zap campaign in support of James Oackley in North Carolina, who is in need of medical attention.

In April of this year, JaaMall Oglesby, aka James Oackley was stabbed in the left eye during a knife fight, an injury from which he is still recovering.  When he was seen by doctors at Duke hospital, he was prescribed Atropine eye drops as part to prevent the painful eye spasms from which he now suffers.  Dr. Woodworth, the chief of oculofacial surgery at Duke, did not properly notify Chinwe Mirikwe, the prescriber at Central Prison of this treatment plan, even though the latter has tried to call her on several occasions to confirm the prescription.  Since that time, JaaMall has been transferred to Polk CI in Butner, where he continues to suffer painful eye spasms.

WHO TO CALL: Please call Julie Ann Woodward, MD, the chief of oculofacial surgery at Duke on Monday, July 20, anytime during normal business hours.  If you have the time and energy, repeat calls are welcome, but even one will help!  Her number is (919) 684-4224

WHAT TO SAY: “Hi there, I am calling on behalf of Mr. JaaMall D. Oglesby, aka James Oakley, a member of my community.  Mr. Oglesby is a prisoner in the custody of the NC Department of Corrections.  His OPUS number is 0775767.  You performed ocular surgery on him after he was stabbed in the eye during a knife fight this past April.  You prescribed Atropine drops as part of his recovery protocol, but failed to notify Chinwe Mirikwe, the prescriber at Central Prison of this treatment plan, even though she tried to call you several times.  Mr. Oglesby has since been transferred to Polk Correctional Institution in Butner.  I am calling to demand that you contact Polk CI and notify them that Mr. Oglesby still needs his Atropine drops.  Thank you and have a great day!”

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