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Jun 22, 20

Phone Zap for North Carolina Prisoner Timothy Smith

Announcing phone-zap campaign for North Carolina prisoner, Timothy Smith.

Timothy Smith (opus # 0380259) is an inmate at Nuese Correctional. He is being denied care for a broken tooth as well as a colostomy procedure that were supposed to take place w Central because of the No Transfer rule. Prisoners from facilities like Polk Youth Center were given immediate dental care in similar situations.

Who to Call: The Warden at Nuese Correctional @ 919-731-2023

When to Call: Please call during normal business hours on Monday June 22nd. Repeat calls are not necessary but definitely welcome. Volume is important  so if You are able to call throughout the day please do so.

What to Say: When You call the warden, we suggest that You say the following:“Hi there. I’m calling on behalf of Timothy Smith (opus # 0380259). He is being denied dental care w an oral surgeon at Central Prison as well as a colostomy. He is in severe pain because of a broken tooth and it is inhumane to deny him transfer at this time.”

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