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May 24, 20

Phone-Zap at Maury Correctional Institution in Hookerton, NC

Call for phone-zap campaign to demand that prisoners mail access be re-instated.

Prisoners at Maury Correctional Institution in Hookerton, NC are asking members of the public to call in to Sergeant Hatley, the officer in charge of “Security Risk Group” or SRG prisoners, to demand that he restore their mail. SRG prisoners face many restrictions that other prisoners do not, such as who can visit them or put money on their commissary account.

Now, Sergeant Hatley, the officer in charge of SRG prisoners at Maury, is restricting their access to mail as well.  Dozens of prisoners have not received mail from loved ones in months and are being told not even to bother trying to send mail out of the facility (there are unconfirmed reports that some mail is even being shredded).  This is not a question of DPS policy.  This is Sergeant Hatley’s personal decision.

Please call Maury CI this Monday between 8am and 5pm, when Sergeant Hatley is working, to ask for him personally, and to express their outrage that some inmates cannot even get mail at a time like this.  Sergeant Hatley must stop abusing his power and allow all inmate mail that otherwise meets DPS guidelines to reach the prisoners to whom it is addressed!

WHAT: Call-In to Maury Correctional Institution

WHEN: Monday, May 25 from 8:00am to 5:00pm

WHY: Restore inmate mail for SRG prisoners

WHO TO CALL: Dial 252-747-1400, the main number for Maury CI, and ask for Sergeant Hatley, the CO in charge of SRG prisoners.  If you aren’t transferred to him, ask for his supervisor and/or the warden.


I am calling on behalf of a number of SRG prisoners at Maury Correctional Institution whose mail you have been withholding.  I am calling to demand that you stop withholding their mail.  Prisoners’ mail is a vital part of staying connected to support on the outside, which is all the more important at this time and for SRG prisoners, who already face significant restrictions on who can visit them and/or provide them financial support.  Please allow all mail to reach the prisoners to whom it is addressed.  Have a nice day!

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