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Apr 20, 21

Phone Zap: Inside NC Organizer Joseph “Shinewhite” Stewart Facing Hardcore Repression

Call for phone-zap for Joseph Steward who is facing hardcore repression.

On Saturday SW was beaten, tazed, and thrown into solitary. Prison officials continue to deny SW medical attention and as of yesterday SW hasn’t been given food. We cannot forget about our incarcerated comrades struggling inside so please take a 5 min out of your day to email and call the numbers listed below. Although it seems like a small action, when we operate collectively our demands have and will be met.


“Hello. My name is ____ and i’m calling to voice concern over the treatment of Joseph Stewart. It has come to my attention that Joseph Stewart was hit over the head with a baton, tazed then unjustly placed solitary confinement and denied medical care or attention for his injuries. We demand that Jospeh Stewart is given medical care immediately, and that he is released from solitary confinement. Joseph has significant support on the outside and we will continue to hold you accountable for any actions or inactions you take. Goodbye.”


Warden Carlos Hernandez
Phone #: 828-438-6037
Email: [email protected]

Commissioner of Prisons Todd Ishee
Phone #: 984-255-6031
Email: [email protected]

Chief Deputy Secretary Tim Moose
Phone #: 919-825-2759
Email: [email protected]

photo: engin akyurt via Unsplash

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