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Jun 14, 18

Phone Zap to Support Locked Out Seattle IWW Workers

In support of locked out fellow workers in IU650 at Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. in Seattle, we are calling on all Wobblies and friends to participate in a phone zap of GCI’s headquarters! We would like folks to call between 9am and 5pm East Coast time, 6am-2pm West Coast.

GCI canvassers fundraise on the street for a variety of “progressive” causes. The company though, is the very model of exploitation under capitalism, with brutal turnover, low wages and benefits, and ​blatant union busting​. IU650 has waged a formidable fight since going public in February, winning several initial demands and spreading the union to New Orleans. We even have a contract that was signed by local management but which has not been recognized by the corporate office.

Following a successful 12 hour sit-in this past Friday to demand better training and onboarding for new hires plus policies given in writing, the company has retaliated by locking out its Seattle workers.

We would like our supporters to call GCI’s headquarters and demand that they end the lockout and honor the contract.

Phone Numbers, Emails, and Social Media

(617) 423-0431, [email protected] – National Admin
(617) 830-7986, ​[email protected]​ – Laurie Owen (General Counsel and Chief Union Buster)
(860) 575-0941, [email protected] – Steve King (Assistant National Director)
(617) 542-0830 – GCI Payroll
(617) 388-7800 – GCI Recruitment
(617) 388-7882 – Central Field Office
(203) 249-3324 – Bill Baker (National Director)
(617) 830-7982 – Chelsea Nkrumah (Legal Assistant and Union Buster)

Sample Script

Hello. My name is __________. (first name is fine)

I am calling about the unionized workers at the Seattle branch of GCI. I understand that you have locked them out in retaliation for a workplace action they took last week. Furthermore, your company has consistently refused to honor the legally binding contract signed by local management.

People around the country have the backs of the Seattle workers. I demand that you end the lockout immediately and honor the contract.

Thank you for your time.

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