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Nov 15, 17

Pittsburgh, PA: Students Occupy ‘Cathedral of Learning’

Police and FBI agents converged at the University of Pittsburgh on November 14th after a network of autonomous groups of students occupied the ‘Cathedral of Learning’ and issued a set of demands and statements. While the occupation was ended that night by police, actions continued. Another rally is called for on Friday.

As Steel City Autonomous Movement wrote:

Rolling occupations happening now at Cathy! As soon as the first group got detained, another group popped up!

One year ago, Pitt police brutalized student protesters. Now, many student orgs are forming a united front and escalating all of their campaigns at once.

Filler will be publishing an analysis of the ongoing week of action later today!

Morgantown anarchists issued a statement in solidarity:

While the rivalry on the football field between WVU and Pitt is well known, on the streets we declare our comradely support. On Tuesday, November 14th a coalition of autonomous students occupied Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning. At the time that we release this document the occupation has been ongoing for 18 hours. Faced with federal, state, city, and university police intimidation, the occupiers face an uphill battle to have a list of 15 demands met.

We call on the university to immediately fulfill the 15 demands as written. We also call on WVU autonomous students and other Morgantown radicals to show solidarity with the occupation and equal commitment to similar goals in our city and campus. Occupations and the fulfillment of the demands are only the first steps in the development of an anti-capitalist struggle. Even after the demands are met, we and our comrades will continue to demand the impossible.

Here are some collected tweets. Expect updates and analysis from people on the ground soon:

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