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Apr 21, 17

After Police Repression, Community of Tasquillo, Hidalgo Kicks Out Local Authorities

During the afternoon of Sunday, April 16, four armed extortionists attacked inhabitants of Tasquillo in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. They were detained by the community and brought to the town hall. However, state and municipal police carried out a disproportionate and threatening operation, firing tear gas and abusing people “to heroically save” the criminals, who were accused of participating in various robberies during recent weeks. In the face of an intensifying climate of insecurity, community organization was the suitable solution.

Shortly after dusk on Monday, April 17, the response to the repression came. To the cry in unison of “OUT, ALL THE THIEVES OUT!” the town hall was taken over, expelling the authorities and head of Public Security – the one mainly complicit in hiding those crimes – and demanding the resignation of mayor and all officials linked to organized crime.

The town has declared the takeover to be democratic and the control of the building to be indefinite.

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