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Dec 10, 18

Portland, OR: Campus Police Vehicles Vandalized After Police Killing of Richard Barry

The following communique was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down and we print it here.

It reads:

On November 22nd Richard Barry was confronted by PSU police officers while in the midst of a crisis. They decided to physically subdue him, a struggle ensued, then Richard died before he even reached the hospital. The press has been told that he died of a mysterious ‘medical event’ and the autopsy results have not been released. We have no doubt that he died at the hands of the police, and that no charges will be filed.

This comes in the wake of the PSU police murder of Jason Washington in June, where the officers involved were not charged. This tape continues to play countless times across the so-called United States.

They will kill us with impunity whenever they please and walk away from it with a vacation.

We are fucking pissed.

Will we continue to let this happen without striking back?

Fuck no.

On December 10th early in the morning we attacked PCC security vehicles parked along the Portland Police office on the Cascade campus, breaking about 4 windows on 2 cruisers total. Police presence on the there is a danger to the lives of the students who attend, much like it is on PSU campus.

This action is an invitation, join us and hit them back. If you were waiting to pick up your tool of choice, now is the time. To be clear, we are calling for mass decentralized action against the police, everywhere.

If they will wage a war on us, we will offer them the same. We aren’t going to wait around for the next election riot, or the far distant ‘revolution’, every act of insurrection we take is the revolution.

The police cast a wide net of surveillance and violence, yet often their properties are the most vulnerable targets due to their inflated sense of security and utter hubris.
Let us strike fear into their hearts.




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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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