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Jan 26, 17

Portland, OR: “Lit AF!” Over 100 Turn Out to Support Fired IWW Organizer

From Burgerville Workers Union

Over a hundred supporters turned out tonight to stand with Jordan, to stand for worker justice, and to stand with the Burgerville Workers Union. We marched to the Convention Center Burgerville and formed a picket line around the store demanding justice for Jordan. Almost every potential customer respected our picket line, and to quote a worker who attended, “it was fucking lit AF!”

Over the past few weeks we have seen Burgerville escalate their war against the union. Today Burgerville called the health department in an attempt to shut down the union grill, they hired private security to intimidate and film us, and they called the cops to try and shut down our picket. Proving once again that together, workers are more powerful than their bosses, Burgerville workers, organizers, and supporters pulled together and assembled a fully up-to-code outdoor kitchen and a picket line one hundred strong.

Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting this fight. In solidarity we are strong, and we will win!

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Union for all workers at Burgerville USA, a fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest. Part of the IWW.

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