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Jun 5, 17

Portland, OR: Neo-Nazis Mobilize for ‘Patriot Prayer’ Rally

Today, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer/Warriors for Freedom LLC hosted a rally in Portland that was billed as a “free speech” rally after two people were brutally murdered and another seriously injured by a white supremacist, all because they stood up to his attacks against a teen girl of color and a Muslim teen girl.

The white supremacist murderer first appeared at Gibson’s last rally on 82nd avenue. Despite the murders, Joey held his rally anyway. He said that his rally was about love, God, and free speech, but his main speaker brags about beating the left up, and another is an open anti-Semite.

Before the rally, Joey Gibson tried to disavow the Nazis and said he would not allow them in. Despite that assertion, two very prominent neo-Nazi groups were hosted and admitted by Joey Gibson and the Warriors for Freedom LLC. One of the two groups present that Gibson hosted was the Traditionalist Workers Party, who recently held a joint hate rally with the National Socialist Movement in Pikeville, KY.

Also present and hosted was Identity Europa, whom he had previously said would not be allowed to attend due to their racist beliefs. The denunciation of racist groups prior to the rally was merely a ploy by Warriors for Freedom LLC to appeal to the city and hide the true nature of these white nationalist rallies that he organizes regularly.

We should ask ourselves why Joey Gibson and Warriors for Feedom LLC choose to stand with the neo-Nazi groups Traditionalist Workers Party and Identity Europa.

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