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Dec 11, 18

Portland, OR: Bash Back Against PSU’s Violent Killing Spree

The following communique was anonymously sent to It’s Going Down, which we print below.

It reads:

On 11/22, four PSU campus security officers approached Richard Barry as he was running through the street crying for help. They called for back up and Portland Police responded with two officers. The six officers wrestled with Barry, who was clearly in a state of mental duress at the time, and then sent him to the hospital where he eventually died. Today, 12/10, the medical examiner blamed Richard Barry’s death on a drug overdose. They waited over two weeks to release this info, and they refuse to release the autopsy report, as well as the toxicology report. We call bullshit.

In solidarity with the actions taken by other comrades, some anarchists armed with liberated spray paint took to the campus of PSU to do some redecorating. Cops killed Richard Barry, just as they killed Patrick Kimmons and Jason Washington. One night of sloganeering across campus won’t bring them back, but it will make it harder for PSU to sweep under the rug. We hope others will do their part to beautify the campus and let them know that we will always remember.

Some people on campus are calling to disarm the police. Fuck that! We demand an abolition of the police altogether. We are tired of holding vigils for our neighbors and community members. We’re tired of being told what is an acceptable response to their murder at the hands of the State. We’re tired of being fed the bullshit narrative of American “pacifism” by those who only desire not to agitate the State. This is only the beginning. We call on all anarchists in so-called Portland and across Turtle Island to become ungovernable, to drive the police out of our communities, and to attack them wherever we find them. We are tired of feeling unsafe while the State holds a monopoly on violence. We wish to make them feel unsafe, we wish to make them watch their backs, we wish to make them resign and relocate. We will not be calm, we will not be peaceful. The time for talk is over, comrades. Let your actions speak louder than your words!

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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