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Mar 28, 17

Portland, OR: Workers Hold Picket and Community Carnival

Over fifty people came out on March 26th for our picket carnival for worker justice! Thanks to everyone who made it despite all the rain and bad weather!!!! Especially the juggler, the face painter, Father Joe, the IWW and the other unions who came out in support!

No thanks however will be given to the cops who serve and protect businesses and not people. And no thanks to Burgerville who spent thousands of dollars on private security guards today instead of using that money to go toward workers demands of childcare, bus passes, tip jars, and a living wage.

We picket because we know we deserve better. We picket because we are tired of the bullshit we put up with at work everyday. We picket because we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Union for all workers at Burgerville USA, a fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest. Part of the IWW.

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