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Jun 19, 18

Prison Strikers Issue Statement in Solidarity With Those Fighting ICE

The following statement comes from Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, one of the groups pushing the #August21 prison strike across the US.

Solidarity with those detained (children, women, and men) by immigration and Customs Enforcement and the families you are forcibly kept from. You are held in those for profit gulags, whose aims are to maintain a rotten nationalist- racist- capitalistic social order. The August 21st National Prison Strike called for strikes and boycotts in and against those so called immigration detentions for a reason, to acknowledge for the world that our struggles are not separate.

The Prison Industrial Slave Complex is a massive dehumanization business. With the ongoing rages against the detentions, we now feel justified in our call for National Strikes and outside protests against these places (immigration, federal, state, and jails) that for the most part are warehouses of human bodies.

Those occupying the so called immigration detentions must not allow a small concession by a policy change make you go away. You hold the keys to change. A full demand to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement should be the only resolution on the table. Otherwise the same problems will persist. Strike now, and strike hard while the momentum is going. August 21, thousands of prisoners in other places of detention will be joining at all costs.

We will keep the beam on so called immigration. No let up.
Educate, organize, mobilize! Resist! Abolish ICE!

photo: Matthew Ansley via Unsplash

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Members of the IWW have created the IWOC, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, which functions as a liaison for prisoners to organize each other, unionize, and build solid bridges between prisoners on the inside and fellow workers on the outside. Prison is a setup, a big business, there to make money off the People. Neither the setup, nor the slavery inside of prisons can be combated without the conscious participation of prisoners and the working class on the outside through mutual aid, solidarity, and the building of working relationships that transcend prison walls and the politics of mass incarceration. The IWOC has been actively reaching out to prisoners while at the same time prisoners have been reaching out to the IWW for representation and assistance in building a prisoners union. The IWOC has taken up the cause and is helping prisoners in every facility organize and build a union branch for themselves, which will together form a powerful IWW Industrial Union.

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