Prisoners Inside Sussex II State Prison Launch Hunger Strike, Issue Statement


Announcing a prison hunger strike in solidarity with the National Prison Strike; the following statement first appeared on Conscious Prisoner.

On August 28th and 29th, and again, on September 8th and 9th several prisoners at Sussex II State Prison in Virginia will go on a 24 hour fast in solidarity with the national prison strike announced by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak.

During these days we will engage in intense study, training, and organizing in the spirit of the following. Johnathon Jackson who was murdered on August 7th 1970 during the Marin courthouse takeover. George Jackson who was killed on August 21st 1971, during the slave rebellion at San Quentin state prison. In the spirit of the Sept 9th 1971 uprising at Attica state prison; and also in the spirit of the 7 human beings who were killed at the uprising of the Lee Correction Institution in April of this year, due to overcrowding and under-staffing. We also hold this fast in remembrance of fellow prison John Tran. Who was murdered on Jan 11th 2017. As the result of gross negligence and disregard of human life displayed by Sussex II officials. A detailed account of this incident will appear on

With a clinched fist salute to all incarcerated and free world freedom fighters supporting and participating in this fight in whatever way you can.

Lets continue to undermine this neo-plantation slavery system.

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