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Feb 21, 16

Pro-Police Rally in SF and Anti-Black Racism

anti-racistSubmitted to It’s Going Down

On February 20th, 2016 at 10:30 am a few hundred demonstrators gathered at Justin Herman Plaza to denounce the conviction of Peter Liang an Asian American NYPD officer who shot and killed unarmed black man Akai Gurley. Liang was found guilty of manslaughter and official misconduct. The protesters, mostly Asian Americans, demanded justice for Peter Liang, claiming he was scapegoated by the criminal justice system on the anti-police sentiment that has been sweeping the US since the murder of Alex Nieto, Michael Brown, Jr., Eric Garner and hundreds more.

The “justice” these protesters seek is one where a police officer walks away free from another murder of an unarmed black man. The protest was successfully disrupted by a small group of anarchist people of color. The disruption was accomplished by hijacking the front of the march with a banner of our own that read “Anti-racist, Anti-Police,” and chanting anti-police slogans. The march was stopped and delayed several times by low intensity conflicts between protesters, counter-protesters, and police, despite the pleads of the organizers.

We report on these disruptions not to tout our own accolades but to illustrate a political point and draw a line in the sand, and stand in solidarity with the struggle for black liberation, and against, uncompromisingly, the racist police state and the system of capital they defend.

The tens of thousands in over 20 cities that took the streets in support of Liang, shows just how much anti-black racism there is on the one hand, and on the other, the impotency of liberal groups like “Asians for Black Lives” for showing absolutely zero resistance to such blatant anti-black racism by some in the Asian American community.

We agree with Afro-Pessimist writer Frank Wilderson when he explains that at the point that non-black people of color “moving against the system,” get over, so to speak, they collect the crumbs falling from the racial hierarchy and “the anti-blackness that sustains them will rear its ugly head.” We call on particularly non-black people of color who are anti-racist and anti-authoritarian to seek nothing less than full liberation and stand in solidarity with the struggle for black liberation, by disrupting and stopping any further demonstrations of white supremacy, anti-blackness, and pro-police sentiment in their local area.

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