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March 16

What Anarchists Have Been Saying For Years…

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Zine version of this classic text from It’s Going Down.

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What Anarchists Have Been Saying For Years…from It’s Going Down. Popular text from IGD that critiques traditional Leftist proposals for how to change the world and create a revolutionary movement. Argues against an electoral approach and instead promotes fostering a movement around direct action and building a material force.

“We live in a time that is marked by not only increasing crisis and growing reaction, but also in explosive and insurrectionary mass resistance and refusal. At the same time, as it has never been so clear to so many, the institutional and electoral Left is utterly and completely, useless.

The crisis we face is not only one of capital or industrial civilization, but that of its oh-so loyal opposition, the Left. 

Perhaps now, you’ll finally start listening.”

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