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March 16


Zine pack! Grab this item to get six different zine titles.

Sold By: It's Going Down


Grab this zine pack collection to enjoy six different titles from a variety of groups and authors. A perfect gift for a friend or someone new to autonomous anti-capitalist and anarchist ideas, the start of a reading group, or simply a great addition to your library.

Titles Include:

  • Work, Community, Politics, War from prole.info. An autonomous anti-capitalist introduction to a critique of capitalism, class society, and what a revolution against them might look like.
  • What Anarchists Have Been Saying For Years…from It’s Going Down. Popular text from IGD that critiques traditional Leftist proposals for how to change the world and create a revolutionary movement. Argues against an electoral approach and instead promotes fostering a movement around direct action and building a material force.
  • An Anarchist Primer: For the Days of Trump & The New Normal from It’s Going Down. “Not all violence is equal. There is the violence that is permitted. This is the violence that comes from above, that arrives in police bullets and drone strikes. There is the violence that is encouraged, that comes from below and is aimed at those even more below it; and it seeks to strengthen those above. Then, there is the violence that is exceptional. This is the violence that comes from below and aimed at those above. This is the violence that can never be permitted.”
  • Why Riot? from Ultra. “The riot, then, is not a hindrance to “real” struggle or a well-intentioned accident where people’s “understandable” anger gets “out of control.” Getting out of control is the point, which is precisely why the riot is the foundation from which any future worth the name must be built.”
  • Bern Notice: Building a Material Force in the Age of Trumpism from It’s Going Down. “One thing is clear, white nationalists and fascists have moved from simply supporting the Trump campaign and trying to intervene within it, and are now physically trying to entice others to racialized violence. In doing so, they are preparing for when Trump leaves the stage and the next phase of their struggle will begin. The question then becomes, what are we going to do about it?”
  • Inhabit: Instructions for Autonomy from Inhabit. “Each disaster feels more and more intimate, whether we scroll through it or receive the dreaded text did you hear? Accidents feel like massacres. The names of the dead, an index of a civilization in decline. We’ve lost family and friends to addiction, poverty, and despair. We watched the police exercise their freedom to murder, at a loss for how to quench our rage. We held each other through it all, and remain standing. We sense the present that has been stolen from us, imagine the future we are fated. No one is coming to save us. We have to give ourselves the ground on which a revolution will grow.”

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