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Jan 26, 16

We R Fans of Anarchy, But Not Prisons: A Report Back on the January 22 Noise Demo for Trans Prisoners

From Philly Anti-Capitalist

~( ̄△ ̄~)

“Bandana on yea
I’m bout to thug it out
if a hater talking shit
go head and stomp em out
if you got a problem we can settle it tonight
meet me outside you ain’t bout that life”
-TT the Artist


In lieu of a solemn march we got turnt to club music outside the Federal Detention Center in downtown Philly. A bunch of freaky looking transes & queers danced around, some femmes without hats had their hair freeze to their head because there was no hat and it was snowing hard as shit. The confused COs got their feels hurt because we commented on their appearance; for example one mean bitch yelled “i shaved my dogs butt and taught him to walk backwards and he literally looks better than you”. Other COs milled in an out as we chanted shit like “QUIT YOUR JOB/SLIP AND FALL” and “U-G-L-Y YOU AINT GOT NO ALIBI YOU UGLY YEAH YEAH YOU UGLY”, their feelings visibly hurt and we assume most of them quit that night, and by milled in and out we mean they hurried off all quick cause we clearly made them nervous. The music was really good by the way, a couple cheap-ass speakers in plastic bags kept the morale up and totally stayed dry too! Someone said the prisoners were jamming cause they flicked lights and slammed windows to the beat, TURN UP! We were out there for mad long, like hours, and probably the prisoners hands were way tired from flicking so much lights & wailing on the windows the whole time

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

here’s an itemized list of choice “rowdy” moments:

  • a giant banner that features a unicorn stabbing a police thru the heart (they got hearts?) reminding us that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”
    some people spray painted anti-prison slogans in bright purple on the snow face the prison
  • parking lot signs and black flags turned into drums and drumsticks respectively
  • the prison got a snowball makeover
  • some cruisers had their detailing updated with new slogans including such favorites as “ACAB” “quit your job” & “you suck”
  • when a cop finally pulled up and rolled down their window one person shouted “NO YOU CAN’T HAVE MY NUMBER’ while others behind drowned him out loudly yelling EWWWWWWWWWW until he finally gave up and drove away.
  • later another cruiser pulled up to ask “what are you protesting?” which was answered: “Your bad breath” by one tall girl, then when the officer tried to intimidate her she turned away and laughed


This is the second year in a row that there’s been a noise demo at the Federal Detention Center in January, last year’s was for New Years Eve. The demo was almost entirely un-policed cause the cops were too cold to come out and be annoying, probably due to the fact that it was a TOTAL FUCKING BLIZZARD and we got that fire in our hearts (lol jk). Also a snowplow crashed into the front of the prison and everyone busted out, in solidarity. We hope we looked cute wilding out and having fun out front for the people inside because what is solidarity really?


Any chant is the right chant if you’re sassy and mean enough,
until every CO gets “sick” and dies
until the last cop is deafened by an airhorn
weaponize your hormones, mood swing some oppressors to death?

(メ`ロ´)/ some absurdist tall girls with t-shirts on their heads and malice up their butts ψ(*`ー´)ψ

PS: The other banners said “REVENGE” and “DESTROY CIS-IETY” because that’s how we feel too.

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