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April 14

Racist Harassment and Intimidation Continues Against Angaza Iman Bahar

Update on IDOC Watch founder Angaza Iman Bahar.

Recently, IDOC Watch reported on the harassment being faced by its founder Angaza Iman Bahar at Miami Correctional Facility. Bahar was transferred to Miami late last year. On January 6th, many of his personal items were confiscated during a cell search with no inventory being issued as is prison procedure. Bahar filed a grievance over this matter and has since received severe reprisal. The ringleader of the assault on Bahar is a corrections officer named Sgt. Bales. Since the filing of the grievance, Bales has target Bahar for random searches, confiscated property, and intimidated him with the use of K-9 units, at one point stating, “I bet this n***** will think twice before filing another grievance.”

IDOC Watch has received word that the harassment has not ceased and is in fact escalating. After reporting Bales’ actions to his superior, on March 4th, Bales entered Bahar’s cell to verbally and physically intimidate him. Again, he entered Bahar’s cell on March 8th, warning him not to pursue any grievances.

Sgt. Bales is notorious for his arrogant and vindictive treatment of inmates at Miami Correctional. It is clear that he fears no retribution for his behavior and therefore how he handles the situation is unpredictable and dangerous. It is clear that without outside pressure, Sgt. Bales can assume to continue his abuse unabated.

IDOC Watch urgently requests that supporters call:

MCF Warden William Hyatte

(765) 689-8920 (Dial 0, ask operator for Warden Hyatte)

Feel free to recite the following script:

I am calling to report that I am aware that Sgt. Bales is harassing and intimidating inmate Jimmy Jones #891782 in retaliation for filing a grievance over confiscated property. I am requesting that Sgt. Bales be moved away from Jones and held accountable for retaliation. I also request that Jones receive an invoice of his confiscated property and that property be returned as soon as possible.

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IDOC Watch

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