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Feb 7, 20

“Thank You All”: Hunger Strikers Report on Phone Zap Campaign at Raleigh, NC Prison

Report from Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) about the impact of a recent phone zap campaign.

Thank you so much for your participation in the phone zap a few weeks ago for the 16 hunger strikers that came together selflessly for others in the mental health units at Central Prison in Raleigh, NC. After some much anticipated updates, we found out that the hunger strikers are safe and that conditions improved in some ways.

We were informed that in the first week, the warden and others from the administration came down to pull a couple of hunger strikers out. Some of them may have taken food. Others remained on hunger strike until January 26th.

Five prisoners were released who originally had been told before the hunger strike and phone zap that they had to serve yet another 90 days before being considered for release from solitary confinement. By two of them getting released they will be able to earn gain time merits and will be released from prison in March. The three others were approved for the TOU program, which is very difficult to get into. They had been held in solitary confinement for over three years and this program is set up as a transition program for prisoners who suffer from mental disorders, who wouldn’t after years of solitary confinement.

Inside sources say the excessive use of mace has ceased, for now. The warden claims that he was unaware of the excessive use of chemical mace and he stated that any officer using the mace in an excessive manner would be harshly punished.

The unit doctor was also replaced with one that enjoys helping inmates with their medical issues. In the past week this doctor has answered more people’s sick calls in one week than the last doctor could in several months’ time. Lastly, there have not been any issues with prisoners receiving their self-medications.

Sometimes it is hard to see the effectiveness through one call, but with hundreds of calls coming in at the same time, the prisons are put on the spot in the public eye to answer to the demands of those inside and we won’t stop until they are met. We thank you for keeping the calls going for weeks, awaiting updates we had to keep going strong, in solidarity with those inside.

Inside, outside, all on the same side!

Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee

Art: Nicole Rose

Many thanks from the courageous hunger strikers:

“Thank you all, without outside support these pigs would continue with their sadistic ways.”

“Solidarity [inside] is what was shared and what will be needed moving forward.”

“Thank y’all so much, some of the guys are working on some thank you cards for both Atlanta ABC and Atlanta IWOC. Y’alls’ actions were very effective.”

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Atlanta IWOC

Atlanta, Georgia chapter of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC).

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