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Nov 24, 17

RAM Commemoration on the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Michael Israel

It’s been exactly one year since US-born revolutionary Michael Israel was martyred fighting for the Rojava Revolution. Michael answered the call for international solidarity and due to his sacrifice, and countless others like him, the revolution in Rojava continues and the quest for international revolution advances. Michael was a fighter in the International Freedom Battalion, the internationalist formation consisting of anarchist and communist groups, and like in the US Michael remained a dedicated militant. In an interview in 2015 Michael stated he came to Rojava not to simply fight against the fascism of ISIS but primarily to “struggle against capitalism and Turkish imperialism in the region.”

It was this same imperialist force, a NATO military, that murdered Michael and many others in a customary act of aggression against revolutionary forces of the YPG and YPJ. Erdogan’s regime, and the Turkish state in general, has for far too long been slaughtering Kurds, and imposing Turkey’s colonial project in Bakur and elsewhere. However with the rise of internationalist struggle, and the inspiration of Rojava, capitalist, statist and colonial regimes around the world should be on edge.

Michael’s sacrifice is now etched in the history of revolutionary struggle, and like the martyrs of Suruç, Haymarket Square, or Catalonia, we honor and commemorate him. When our comrades die fighting for a world with dignity we must all embrace that effort and carry it with us in our hearts and souls as we struggle wherever we stand. His memory will live on forever and we’ll carry on his passion with us until victory.

Long Live the Revolutionary Struggle!

Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC
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