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Jun 12, 18

RAM-NYC Bails A Captive Out Of ICE Custody

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Report from ongoing organizing efforts by the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement in New York.

With humility and respect for the struggle against the US policy of ethnic cleansing, RAM-NYC is pleased to announce that this May our Liberation Fund has bailed a captive out of an ICE detention facility.

As this nation’s racist war against people from Central and South America is at a fever pitch, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is at its greatest liberty to not only detain those who have crossed borders looking for reprieve from the devastation the US inflicted on their countries, but to also demand a ransom for their release in order to fight trumped up charges.

As we know, this is one example of the barbarism that the US government routinely inflicts on the most vulnerable: separating children from their families, shipping people off to detention facilities where they are sexually assaulted and forced into slave labor, and executing people crossing the border.

RAM-NYC stands with those who have risked everything to travel here and have become our neighbors, friends and comrades. As the US government’s policies seek to dehumanize large swathes of people, we renew our commitment to creating a shared humanity, and fighting to destroy the conditions that wreak havoc on the world. The US government has made it clear that it is on a decisive, resolute path to totalitarianism and we will continue to stand with those resisting.

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