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Jan 15, 18

Solidarity With the Prison Strikers of Operation PUSH

On January 15th, people in Florida prisons plan to laydown against the conditions of modern slavery. They will willingly give up their privileges, like making phone calls, buying from the canteen, having visits, and attaining work assignments, in an effort to cut into the profits of the state and private contractors. Their short term demands: payment for labor, ending outrageous canteen prices, reintroducing parole incentives to lifers.

Yet these modest needs are part of the organizers’ bigger struggle against slavery and the carceral state, exemplified by free prison labor, prison guard brutality, housing at toxic sites, and executions.

They will protest for thirty days or until their demands are met and we will stand by them. We support the prisoners in Florida taking a stand and insisting on the smallest measure of dignity while under the repressive apparatus of bondage. While incarceration is itself an unacceptable tactic of terror the state uses to control poor and black communities, they insist on further dehumanization of their victims by treating them as expendable generators of profit.

We will stand with them in their struggle and against the prisons, the justice system, the private contractors and the state which stand against all humanity. The bravery of these rebels against such powerful and malevolent enemies is an inspiration for all who struggle for liberation.

For the success of the Florida prison rebels!

May their struggle be an example for all those under the boot of the prison!

For Operation PUSH!

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