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Sep 9, 18

Rashid Threatened with Transfer — Hearing on Sept 10th — BLOCK THE PHONES!

Call for a phone-zap in support of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, a Black liberation prison journalist and organizer who is being targeted due to speaking with the media about the prison strike.

We have learned that the Virginia Department of Corrections is planning to hold a hearing Monday September 10th, to have Rashid transferred out of state yet again. This is a punitive act, most likely retaliation for Rashid’s ongoing writings about prison conditions and the current prisoners strike (see for instance his recent article published in The Guardian).

Rashid was previously transferred out of Virginia to Oregon, Texas, and Florida, where he endured beatings, medical neglect, threats, and attempts to frame him for various offenses.

Rashid is a Virginia prisoner, and he should remain in Virginia, where he has always had the most support.

Monday morning, starting at 9 AM, please phone and email the official in charge of interstate compact: Chief of Corrections Operations David Robinson. We can call the main office number at 804-674-3000 and ask to be transferred to his phone line. Robinson’s email address is [email protected].

When leaving a message or talking to Mr Robinson, refer to Rashid by his legal name Kevin Johnson. Explain that he is better off in Virginia, that he has been subjected to serious human rights abuses during previous transfers. Over ten thousand people have already signed a petition demanding that he be released from solitary and that he not be transferred.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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