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Feb 11, 21

Rebel Steps on Autonomous Organizing and Action Across NYC in 2020

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with two people involved in the anarchist podcast Rebel Steps, based out of New York City. During our discussion, we look back at 2020 from the context of anarchist organizing in New York City and the lessons – and hard questions – that it leaves us with.

Over the course of our interview, we touch on the pandemic, looking critically at the response to COVID-19 by the Democratic Party, the rise of mutual aid projects, the explosion of the George Floyd rebellion, antifascist struggle, autonomous tenant organizing and rent strikes, and over all, the growth and proliferation of both movement infrastructure and community based organizing.

While the post-Trump era leaves us with even more difficult questions, it’s important to look back and take stock of the past year and prepare for what lies ahead.

More Info: Rebel Steps website and podcast, Rebel Steps on Twitter, support Rebel Steps on Patreon

photo: Ash J on Twitter

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