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Feb 8, 18

Recent Agitprop Against Amazon In Seattle, WA

Construction noises ring out all through the night around Amazon HQ1 in Seattle. Lonely janitors scrub and mop the surfaces of the Amazon Spheres, locally known as the Bezos Ballz. While they are paid 15-20 dollars an hours, well-paid Amazon executives cruise out of their parking garages in Teslas, Porches, and Lamborghinis. Their 100K a year underlings file through the glass doors and wait for the shuttle back to their luxury apartment. In an unseen jungle camp far away from HQ1, a homeless person dies every two days. In January 2018 alone, 16 people have lost their lives on the streets of Seattle. Jeff Bezos is still the richest man on earth.

signal-2018-02-08-142600Relentless construction around Amazon HQ1.

On a warm spring evening (it’s winter), the public surfaces around HQ1 were covered with hundreds of posters related to Amazon and the tech industry. The first carried the bold headline: EXTRA! EXTRA! AMAZON DELIVERY BAN TORCHED IN BERLIN! This was followed with a brief extract from a communique that accompanied the torching of an Amazon delivery van on the streets of Berlin. It also featured the image of a train blockade linking Amazon to the CIA. Since the overlords of Amazon have suppressed this information from reaching its employees, these posters were meant to remind roughly 40,000 tech workers that hatred of their company is rising. Not only were they pasted all around HQ1, they have been scattered around the city at Amazon’s multiple locations.


The second poster promoted an anarchist tech-thriller that could potentially lead these tech employees to a greater understanding of the class war being waged all around them. This novel features burning condos, the art crew Keep Hoods Yours, depraved tech-overlords, quadruple-agent hackers, deep-cover anarchists, and a triumphant finale sure to make your mom skip right to the end. One reviewer claims that “Darlingtonia presents a hopeful story of awakening within our current dystopic reality. It asserts the possibility that our sexuality and our hunger, our creativity and our restlessness can turn in an instant, into revolutionary weapons. Illicit and thrilling, this is a consciousness expanding, euphoria inducing novel. I loved it.”

We hope these two posters help in the ongoing and constant subversion, infiltration, sabotage, and undermining of Amazon HQ1. If your city is under threat of hosting Amazon HQ2, do what you can before it’s too late. The time is now. As Chris Rock said, “if poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.”

Good luck to our friends in Atlanta in their new campaign to stop the HQ2 bid!

Good luck to our friends fighting the new Google Campus in Berlin!

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