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March 20

Regeneración Radio: We’ve Lost Count of the Damages

The night of Tuesday, March 7, 2017, we entered our cabin after detecting that the radio transmission was not going out. The first thing our eyes saw was the collapse of a space that had only been launched 11 months before. That day of re-inauguration – April 10, 2016, we said: “We resurface today, yelling louder.” Those were not just words.

Today, seeing that our second home was dismantled and totally looted, we turn to see our story, we take out calculators only to confirm: We’ve lost count of the damages, the number of times that our eyes looked on the collapsed works where you’ve left a little bit of your heart and a lot of effort, when you look at the destroyed or missing equipment, the busted lip, the black eye or the fall of a compañero who defended a collective with their life; then the aftermath.

Conversely, we’ve lost count in a magnificent way: of the attentive ears and eyes, the hug of a compañero, the encouraging voices, the hands ready to help: the solidarity, that today we dare to say, without resentment, is the beating heart of Regeneración Radio.

Because Regeneración Radio is not a cold and robotic broadcaster behind a microphone, nor a indolent reporter systematically squeezing the camera shutter. Regeneración Radio is the price of not being a gear in a system of death that does not work, the price of not wanting to be a capricious toy of the capitalist.

It is because of all of that we today again dare to ask for your solidarity so we can rebuild this space, because we know that we are the result of those who through every fall have also risen with us. Because in 2015 they nearly killed us, but we survived thanks to you.

Sometimes it is tiring, sometimes it is tempting to imagine these are steps backwards. Then appears – like a timely, well-placed slap – the pain of an entire people that reminds us why we started, why we are still here, why we do not want – nor can we, nor should we – go backwards. It is painful, that’s true, but we will know (regenerate) to continue whispering, singing, and yelling. #ComunicacionContraElPoder

Regeneración Radio

The following bank account is where we can receive support that will be used to replace the stolen equipment.

HSBC (personal banking)
Account Number: 6446897369
Account Code: 021180064468973698
Account Holder: Sandra Suaste

While you’re here, we need your support. To continue running the website, we need support from community members like you. Will you support It’s Going Down, and help build independent media?...so donate?

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Regeneración Radio

Free and Community Radio Broadcasting from Mexico City. Communication against power ...!

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