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Apr 6, 23

Report Back: 2023 Houston Anarchist Book Fair

Report back from Space City Anarchist Organization (SCAO) on the Houston Anarchist Bookfair. Originally posted here.

On Saturday, March 25th, Space City Anarchist Organization, with the help of Screwston Antifascist Committee, threw its first ever Anarchist Bookfair, and the first Anarchist Book Fair in Houston since 2017. We’re happy to announce that the book fair was a huge success!!!

We got over a dozen anarchist, antifascist, abolitionist, and anti-capitalist groups from all over Texas to table with literature, harm reduction supplies, clothes, merch, and much more. SCAO collected and distributed donations for our free store, and also provided food and refreshments for attendees. There were 5 workshops put on by the various groups attending, as well as 3 local musicians who provided music for the event.

Over the course of the event, hundreds of people came and made new connections, got cool free stuff, ate free food, listened to music, and enjoyed existing in a community space with no expectation of spending money. The event was full of joy and playfulness, and we hope it’s something that none of the attendees will forget about any time soon.

Despite concerns about fascists and white nationalists showing up, given their presence at the 2017 Houston Anarchist Bookfair, we’re happy to announce that there was no harassment of attendees or the venue by the state or fascists.

We ended the event by burning an American flag that attendees doodled and wrote messages onto. One of the attendees began a chant of “fuck the state” that many of the other people present gladly joined in on.

SCAO was very happy to provide a space for people to explore new radical ideas, learn about some awesome organizations doing great work, and find community in a city that often feels alienating. We want to give a huge thanks to House of J for hosting us and always supporting their community. We’re hoping to host more public events like this one in the future, and plan to make an anarchist bookfair an annual tradition in Houston. If you attended and had any feedback or thoughts, please DM us at @spacecityao on twitter/Instagram or email us at [email protected]!

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