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Jan 31, 22

Boise Community Mobilizes In the Face of Threats of Violence from Far-Right Group

Report back on recent community mobilization against threats of violence from the Idaho Liberty Dogs, a far-Right group in so-called Boise, Idaho. For background information, go here.

photo: @RedoubtAFA

After a week filled with cops stealing survival items, being stink bombed, and facing multiple threats of violence from local fascists – folks experiencing houselessness and Boise Mutual Aid (BMA) volunteers were heavily relieved to see community show up.

Supporters filled the protest area to attend the community potluck bringing all kinds of food, water, and most importantly a genuine and concrete show of solidarity. Idaho liberty Dogs (ILD, a local fascist group that acted violently in the past towards protesters at black liberation demonstrations) showed up as well, bringing with them American flags, weapons, and a misinformed entitlement to uphold colonial traditions on land stolen by their forefathers. The ILD attendees numbered far less than folks who showed up to support those who are experiencing lack of access to resources and housing.

Due to the large number of supporters of the protest city and the fact that the fash knew they would be recorded through the entire event, fash stayed across the street yelling every once in awhile about their commitment to making sure Boise will never be like Portland/Seattle/Etc. Meanwhile folks experiencing houselessness, BMA volunteers and broader community supporters danced, laughed, and enjoyed a world that looks a little bit more like the one we want to live in – one with strong community and collective care. For the first time in a few years fash had to back up because they no longer had the numbers or the power, it was a refreshing space for everyone but them to be in.

Feeling dis-empowered and unable to enact violence on folks or the space ILD threatened to return at nighttime once supporters left and folks sleeping outside would be more vulnerable. They also followed a supporter home in her car, banged on her door, and spewed hateful language about folks experiencing houselessness. In addition, fash were seen filming attendees cars/license plates and supporters in the space (though most were masked up and somewhat unidentifiable).

Between cops, the local fash, and the frigid weather all those involved in the protest city are exhausted. But morale is at an all time high, the glimmer of hope has returned, if only for a moment. We push on, we strategize and recuperate the best we can, and we grow in numbers and strength through every difficulty. It’s all we can do to work towards creating the world we want to live in rather than the rotting pile of shit we’ve been handed by those who wish to exploit us individually and collectively.

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