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Nov 9, 15

Report back from Denver Million Mask March

Originally posted to It’s Going Down

The million mask march in Denver was one of biggest march we’ve seen this year in Denver, with estimates of between 2-300 people. Downtown Denver was essentially shut down during rush hour due to the march and there were 9 arrests.  Out of the 9 arrests folks were charged with assaulting an officer, incendiary devices and inciting a riot.  The Anonymous movement is the rallying cry for alienated suburban youth of Denver.  Last year’s Million Mask March resulted in the Denver Capitol being vandalized and several folks serving jail sentences.

The city of Denver is terrified of Anonymous, its power to shatter their bullshit narratives online and the growing, rowdy energy of their protests in the streets.  The police were hell bent on keeping the anons out of the street and the anons were hell bent on taking them. Aside from the militant energy exerted by the group, one of the most interesting things was that about 30% of the crowd seemed to be below the age of 20, which is quite rare in Denver. Present in the march was Lynne Eaglefeather, the mother of Paul Castaway who was recently killed by DPD. Lynn was knocked to the group as police attacked the crowd. During the attack her foot was broken.

The Millon Mask March seems to have gone a lot harder this year because of a new group calling itself “Anonymous Street Alliance,” which is calling to bring anonymous ideas to the streets. The anon movement here in Denver is a broad based coalition of young people (from all backgrounds) that wanna throw down. In these marches you will hear calls for revolution, justice, constitutionalism, an end to corruption or the abolishment of police; this wide appeal to resistance minded folks of all stripes is a source of strength for the movement, but can also lead to disagreements among participants on tactics and goals.

With large scale movements like this, its easy to find various things that some seasoned radicals have a problem with, but the raw rage and currency the movement has with young people makes it a real force that is not to be discounted. Hopefully between now and the next Million Mask March folks figure out a way to take off the masks and talk to each other and build on the massive momentum they have in this city.

The city of Denver is on its heels, and the further they push people to the margins the harder those people will push back.

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