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Jun 13, 19

Report Back from June 11th in Philadelphia

Report back from anarchists in Philadelphia on recent June 11th events and actions for long-term anarchist prisoners.

For June 11th anarchist solidarity in Philly took a few different forms. In the lead up to the 11th stickers and posters were put up. Graffiti for anarchist prisoners was written on the Grays Ferry Bridge.

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Saw this rally of anarchist prisoner shout-outs yesterday, #june11, prefaced by “FREE THE ANARCHIST PRISONERS!”[not pictured: #billdunne] Open 12-10 through the weekend! #mariusmason #seanswain #michaelkimble #ericking #tamarasol #alfredocospito #nicolagai #jeremyhammond #jennifergann #philly #lenapehoking

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On June 11th a BBQ fundraiser was held. Vegan food and copies of Fireant were given away and money was collected for anarchist prisoners and local anti-repression efforts.

Anarchist prisoners to the street ?

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