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Sep 21, 15

Report Back From PEGIDA Rally in Toronto

From Antifa International

PEGIDA Canada is not a group that learns lessons.  Back in March, they failed to show up to their own announced rally in Montréal, presumably out of fear of having to face hundreds of very angry Montréal anti-fascists.  Maybe they thought holding a rally in a different city would go much better for them.  Maybe they shouldn’t have chosen the city with the largest Muslim population in the country.

Outnumbered at least 20-to-1 and with more police protection than actual supporters, the dirty-dozen-or-so Islamophobes hid under a tent roof, shouted-down by extremely vocal antifa.  Here’s how many people show up to a PEGIDA rally these days:


Joining them were such Toronto luminaries like Ron Banjeree, a rabid anti-Muslim homophobe most famous for physically assaulting a gay man at a municipal election rally last summer.  Also there to support PEGIDA was self-proclaimed “Odinist,” failed city council candidate, and neo-nazi Christopher Brosky, who was convicted of the racist drive-by shooting and murder of a 32-year-old black man in Texas in 1993.  Brosky was forced to sneak out of the rally early under police escort after being singled out for relentless verbal abuse by the anti-fascists present.

Both PEGIDA’s bizarre folk singer and crazy racist banter were easily drowned out by the counter-protestors, despite their use of a PA system (which somehow came unplugged halfway through the proceedings).  This visibly frustrated the Islamophobes and at one point they tried to face the other direction, which did no good either as antifa had them completely surrounded on three sides.

Soon enough the crowd lost its patience with PEGIDA entirely and pushed through police barricades, forcing PEGIDA to abandon their piddly tent and go hide behind some police cruisers and trees, being serenaded on their retreat to a rousing rendition of “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!”  Antifa then took the space PEGIDA had occupied for victory speeches, to be followed with the police pleading for them to disperse so they could escort PEGIDA out of the area – the police explaining that the Islamophobes were too afraid to return to their vehicles with anti-fascists still there!  There were no arrests on either side but at least one PEGIDA supporter went to the hospital with a possible broken wrist after falling on the pavement in the mad dash to escape from the anti-fascists!

PEGIDA Canada are clearly unhappy with how events unfolded for them.  So far in social media, they’ve called the counter-protestors “animals,” complained about being “attacked by antifa” who “demolished” their rally, and whinged about having their property stolen or damaged.  We’re not certain what they’re talking about, but some antifa heading home after the fun found this trash lying on the ground:


Canadian Antifa 2

PEGIDA Canada 0

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