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Jun 6, 20

Reportbacks From the George Floyd Rebellions: Denver, Minneapolis, NY, Eugene, & PDX

The Solecast presents a collection of interviews with people out on the streets, reporting on the ongoing rebellion.

In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd we have seen an unprecedented rebellion take shape across the so called United States. In this 2.5 hour episode I catch up with comrades all over the country to talk about what is going on and some analysis on current events, some challenges that lie ahead and dismantling the misinformation that’s been spread through mainstream media, Non-profits and politicians.

Featured in this interview:

Jesse Benn, Colorado
Ted Flowers, Minneapolis
Liz from Rebel Steps, NY
Ted, Eugene
Mic Crenshaw, Portland Oregon

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Podcast for revolutionary hip-hop artist Sole; features artists, organizers, and revolutionary thinkers.

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