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Jun 11, 18

Resist David Duke & League Of The South June 16th in Burns, TN

Call from Jam City Antifa to counter-demonstrate against a collection of former neo-Nazi and KKK organizers coming together under the banner of the “Nationalist Solutions Conference.”

Cover image: Rachel Pendergraft gives Nazi salute while in KKK robes. She will be one of the speakers at the ‘Nationalist Solutions’ conference.

In April of this year we reported that the American Renaissance Conference (AmRen) was being held once again at Montgomery Bell State Park Inn and Conference center. The response and solidarity was in fact amazing to say the least.

AmRen received its heaviest police security in 6 years, with police conducting unwarranted car searches on protesters’ cars, and enforcing a “mask” rule that has never been enforced at past conferences, and the action faced extreme police repression regardless of the event having a permit to take place by the organizers.

David Duke in Klan robes.

Now Jared Taylor is once again attempting to hold yet another white power conference – this time alongside The American Freedom Party, (which was founded by neo-Nazi skinheads in Southern California) and The Council Of Conservative Citizens, (famous for helping to inspire Dylann Roof), of which Jared is a chair member.

The “Nationalist Solutions Symposium” is set to feature numerous racists from AFP, CCC, former KKK leader David Duke, long time anti-Semitic pseudo-intelliectual Kevin MacDonald, Michael Hill of League Of The South and a leader in the ‘Nationalist Front’ which participated heavily in Unite the Right in Charlottesville, as well as long time KKK organizer Rachel Pendergraft.

Rachel Pendergraft on the left.

June 15th is the registration date when attendees are to arrive for bookings and check-in etc. June 16th is the day of speeches by featured guests followed by a dinner that night.

June 16th provides an opportunity to come together and deal an effective blow towards racist hate group organizing, as the “Alt-Right” movement continues to crumble and the police continue to be outed as fascist foot soldiers with badges.

Counter-demonstrations will begin on Saturday, June 16th, at 10 AM, 1000 Hotel Ave, Burns, TN, 37029. Check Jam City Antifa for more updates on events throughout the week.

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