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Jan 17, 17

Resist La Migra and Racism: Banner Drops in Brooklyn and Long Island

Submitted to It’s Going Down

With the incoming Trump regime and the free license it signals to racists everywhere, we, as political actors, send this message.

Trump’s ascent to presidency, achieved with a rhetoric of white nationalism and right-wing militancy, has resulted in the further normalization of xenophobia and racism, militarization of the police, and emboldening of white supremacist street groups. He has capitalized on a failing economy and fear of the ‘other’ to scapegoat migrants as the cause of all America’s inherent depravity. His unrelenting racism has spurred on the lowest forms of life: from encouraging schoolchildren to taunt their classmates to torching homes to surging far right organizing.

But neither Trump nor his minions will succeed. We reject the violence of systematically ripping families and friends apart and we reject the rise of hate attacks by bigots in the street. We reject the calls for a false unity with his supporters, the police, la migra, and the KKK, who endorsed his presidency. We say to racists institutionalized in the fold of a fascist state and those acting on rogue ambitions: you will not prevail.

A week before the inauguration we dropped banners off the BQE in Brooklyn simultaneously with those in Long Island off Meadowbrook Parkway and off the Mineola exit of the Northern State Parkway. These are our calls to action and a resolution of our refusal to live in fear. We are determined to build both underground and public networks of resistance. With this message, we call on all revolutionaries to commit themselves to this work. Solidarity means confronting  the normalization of repression against our friends, partners, families, and selves.  We are in uncompromising solidarity with every action to ensure the survival and liberation of women, queer and trans people, black and brown people, people living with disabilities, our elders, and immigrant families of varying statuses.

To those who are worried about what’s about to happen: you are not alone and we will stand with you in the most difficult and fearful moments. We will fight alongside you against people who want to do you harm. We will hide you from La Migra. We will chain ourselves to you and resist so that the strength of our bond will be the foundations of the new world we seek to build.

Let’s deport racists and turn our fear into resistance.

NYC Anarchist Action and ICE Resisters of Long Island

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