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Apr 5, 22

Resistance to Klops LOLC, an Alt-Right Voice in Graffiti

Report from vandals and anarchists in the Bay Area concerning an Alt-Right graffiti writer.

We are a group of vandals and anarchists who have been dissing Klops’ graffiti in the Bay Area, as others have around the country. We are situated within the tension that exists in most subcultures, between those who wish to further normalize harm towards marginalized people, and those who resist this, like the punk, skateboarding and other local scenes have done for decades. If bigotry is allowed to grow unchecked, the possibilities for worlds in which everyone can feel welcome diminishes. We wish to defend and expand the inclusivity that already exists in the subcultures we are a part of. One of the ways we do this is by challenging the creeping alt-right trolls that mock liberatory movements and channel rage into harmful, antisemitic, transphobic, racist, crypto-fascist propaganda. We are writing this to show why we have been, and will continue, dissing Klops on Bay Area walls.

Klops takes complex issues of class, race, gender and socio-economic systems and turns them into old anti-Semitic “evil Jews rule the world” narratives. The various marginalized groups that he targets are the same which the Alt-Right does today, and which the far-Right has targeted historically. His strategy of selectively publishing crimes done by Jewish people to turn public sentiment against them is similar to what the Nazis did in Germany and to what the Alt-Right does towards Black and undocumented people in the US. These are not new strategies, they have been used time and time again to create momentum for repression and violence against marginalized groups. Below are a few examples of the Alt-Right content that Klops posts on his Instagram on a weekly and daily basis

A Piece by Klops denying that white privilege is real and invalidating Black people’s experiences with white supremacy, suggesting that white privilege is a scam through which Black people are getting rich. Several screenshots of comments published by Klops on a popular graffiti account emphasizing the race of people expropriating from corporations using sarcastic phrases popularized by white supremacists.

Examples of misogynist and transphobic posts:

Examples of posts that cover a wide range of anti-Semitic talking points:

Example of an Islamophobic post:

While the Black Lives Matter movement was speaking up against the murder of black people, Klops was and still is firmly on the side of the pigs, even using the Alt-Right hashtag “#alllivesmatter” which was a direct reaction to Black Lives Matter:

Klops posted extensively during the Kyle Rittenhouse case. We chose not to include other posts because they were incredibly disrespectful to the people that were killed. Klops posted pictures of the murdered, mocked them, and celebrated their deaths.

Many people are used to seeing Klops’ content (@klopaganda and @klopstradamus on instagram) occasionally pop up on their feeds. Because we’ve been paying attention and documenting what he posts, we are now able to lay it all out in hopes that our sentiments resonate with the reader, and push them to take out Klops’ graffiti as we have. We feel inspired and moved by others that we join in this effort. For those that are in Klops’ social circle, repping the same crew as him, posting action shots, videos and pictures of his graffiti: understand that by doing this you are legitimizing the biggest voice of Alt-Right crypto-fascism in graffiti, validating his ideology and getting him more followers.

Klops is currently, and has been for a while, pushing talking points that are indistinguishable from slogans of Alt-Right and neo-Nazi groups like the Proud Boys, Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, and the Golden State Skinheads. The same groups that come to our cities to shoot out windows with Black Lives Matter flags in them and drive around attacking visibly queer people. He is the mouthpiece for the fascist creep in graffiti.

And finally to Klops: we want to leave an opportunity for dialogue with you about starting a process of accountability for spreading harm in our communities. If you want to talk to us, we can be reached at [email protected]

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