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Nov 20, 17

Richard Spencer and Friends Ejected From a Cold Barn in Maryland

He-haw! Looks like the National Policy Institute decided to take their trust fund blooded bodies back to the soil to have themselves a barn based ‘Winter conference.’ Too bad for them, the staff kicked them to the fucking curb!

It wasn’t always like this, was it Spency? Remember 2016, The Atlantic covering the National Policy Institute conference in Washington DC, all the cameras rolling as you shouted “Hail Trump,” while a large crowd of Matthew Forney look alike fan boys threw up neo-Nazi salutes? Those were the days, goys!

This year things were a bit different, as Spencer stood on stage not with white nationalist heavy weights like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow of V-Dare, but instead with neo-Nazi podcast shock jock Mike Peinovich and Identity Evropa leader “Eli Mosley,” who only recently entered the movement after graduating from the Proud Boys.

Lacey MacAuley from One People’s Project wrote:

The Nazis were literally meeting out in the cold.

They hadn’t publicly announced their conference. They had been barred from meeting at the Ronald Reagan government building, an esteemed government venue in a central Washington DC location which had been their conference venue for the past two years, according to The New York Times. Building managers had barred the group because they didn’t want to be at the center of a protest. The strategy of “no-platforming,” of removing the Nazis’ ability to meet however we can – it worked.

In a photo tweeted by someone at the event, (great opsec @GoyToy88!), Richard Spencer can been seen on a small wooden stage with Peinovich and Mosley, who are sitting on standard issue metal folding chairs, speaking in front of a crowd that is wearing beanies and coats; there are holes and windows open to the outside, and in November the literal barn where the ‘Winter NPI’ conference took place must have been very cold. That last time a member of the Spencer clan has been this close to a barn, daddy’s limo broke down and mommy had get out and ask for help!

As MacAuley remarked:

This is a far cry from their conference last year, when the white supremacists were feverishly confident that the recent electoral victory of Donald Trump meant their racist day had come. The conference held by NPI had assembled a number of other white supremacist and “Alt Right” groups held a conference with about 200 attendees in the esteemed Ronald Reagan government building in Washington DC in November 2016, one year ago. Although they released no images of the crowd size, their attendance this year is likely much smaller, as their barn in Poolesville, Maryland, didn’t exactly look equipped for a crowd any larger than a typical quaint wedding.

Last year, their conference was covered by news outlets like USA Today and CNN…This year, no news outlets have reported on the “Winter Conference” they had in the barn this weekend, as of Monday afternoon.

The decision to have the NPI Conference at an undisclosed location and also about 1 hour outside of Washington DC, in the wealthy suburb of Poolesville, Maryland, which is ironically the hometown of Matthew “working-man” Heimbach, points to a push by Andrew Anglin and others to hold gatherings at private establishments and without public announcement. In short, the Alt-Right is changing direction from a year ago when it attempted to hold large scale public events, towards a strategy based around secrecy and flying under the radar. Can you smell the strength? 

Despite not broadcasting their intention to hold a conference in a barn because they were all scare scare, it seems that it still got shut down faster than a block party outside of a police station. Upon learning about the group’s politics, the staff at Rocklands Farm, a rustic tourist destination and wedding venue, apparently made the group leave.

The farm made the following statement on Facebook:

Seems even the wealthy white suburbs don’t want them! On Twitter, Evan McLaren, the spokesperson for National Policy Institute (NPI) who once attempted to rock a beard, tried to spin the ejection as the result of pressure from “violent, resentful groups like AntiFa [who] sense activity they dislike.” Oh halp muh Evan, muh ‘AntiFa’ sense is tanglin! Despite this claim, no antifascist or antiracist groups were even aware that the NPI conference was happening, much less with a handful of people in a cold ass fucking barn in the middle of the DC suburbs.

In case you forgot, Evan is the NPI strategic genius who in October confirmed that a leaked NPI operational document (again keeping that OpSec hand strong) showed that neo-Nazi groups that attended Unite the Right and who engaged in violence were being used as security for Richard Spencer’s failed speaking event at the University of Florida. Members of these same groups after Spencer’s failed talk went on to carry out an act of attempted murder against a group of protesters sitting at a bus stop. Hearts and minds goys, heart and minds!

As Michael Hayden wrote in Newsweek

A planning document that was originally composed by the director of operations for Spencer’s think tank, the National Policy Institute, reveals that various alt-right groups associated with violence were invited to the event “to promote our ideals by exercising free speech, triggering the Opposition, and making a splash in U.S. and international news.” The document was first leaked to antifascist organizers based out of Atlanta. 

The groups mentioned in the document include Patriot Front, whose membership includes William Fears, one of the three white men who were arrested for the Gainsville shooting. Fears has publicly participated in events alongside Patriot Front…

While Even confirmed the documents authenticity, he claimed that NPI was unaware of any “relationship between NPI and the defendants,” or in proletarian, threw the rank-n-file under the bus. Such leadership goys!

The failure of the Poolesville NPI conference shows yet again that the Alt-Right is in trouble – as its numbers are dropping and they are having a harder and harder time organizing in public. Members of Identity Evropa upon being kicked out of the NPI conference still used their time to take action however, by gathering their dumb fuck looking two dozen members from the across the US to hold a protest outside a church in Alexandria, VA, the same town that Richard Spencer lives in, due to the church moving to take down statues of George Washington and General Lee, and quickly left before anyone could confront them. Currently, this seems to be the only thing the Alt-Right can actually accomplish. Like a bunch of sticks around an axe, they are!

Again from One People’s Project:

Wearing button-down shirts and ties, 24 members of Identity Evropa also assembled for a hasty photo op at Alexandria Christ Church on Sunday morning to hold banners, but they disappeared soon afterwards. According to one Twitter user, @NotMatthiasX1, who responded to my tweet on their banner-holding, they may have entered the church service, where they were challenged by at least one “heckler” at the church. Identity Evropa certainly didn’t announce ahead of time that they would be at the church. If they had, we surely would have been there to protest them, with more than 24 people.

Later according to, it was revealed that after being kicked out of Poolesville, the fash gang was then kicked out of a restaurant, but then climbed out of the jaws of defeat by renting AirBnB rooms and then ordering Papa John’s pizza to eat away their sad sads. Upon picking up this story on Tuesday, The Washington Post wrote that Spencer fans forked out $225 each to attend the event, and other news outlets reported that NPI told the farm that they were having a “corporate” party.

The Alt-Right is on the run, but we shouldn’t doubt their capacity to still act, mobilize, and carry out acts of violence. Keep organizing and stay vigilant!

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