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Dec 16, 20

Rockford, IL: A Call for a New Year’s Eve Noise Demo Outside of Winnebago County Jail!

Call for a noise demonstration on New Year’s Eve in so-called Rockford, Illinois.

To all anarchists, abolitionists and rebels in so-called Rockford and Northern Illinois,

This is an autonomous call for a noise demonstration outside of Winnebago County Jail in Rockford, Illinois on New Year’s Eve. We are answering the international call put out by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross. We plan to gather at 10:30pm at Haskell Park on December 31st, the park where the George Floyd Rebellion in Rockford kicked off on May 30th.TheWe’ll march to the jail to make noise for our comrades and loved ones locked up inside. We plan to be out there until at least 12am so we can ring in the New Year for our comrades.

Noise demos on New Year’s Eve is a tradition among anarchists and revolutionaries internationally to show solidarity with people locked inside of prisons, jails and cages. We haven’t had a New Year Eve’s noise demo in Rockford but we hope to start a new tradition of doing them here every year!

Let’s bring out our organizations, crews, collectives, and community to have a strong showing to show people in the Jail that they aren’t alone! Bring drums, pots and pans, flags, flares, fireworks, banners, and your friends! If you can’t march, we encourage you to bring your car and meet us at the Jail to make noise with us. Remember to wear masks and do not attend if you have any Covid-19 symptoms! We all want to remain safe in this time.

We echo the calls against political repression especially as the charges faced by our comrades as a result of the uprising and the variety of protests over the course of the summer begin to go to court. Drop all charges! Amnesty for all protestors!

Winnebago County Jail is a settler colonial institution that perpetuates violence against black, brown, indigenous and poor people in our city on the daily. We reject the Winnebago County Jail and everything it represents in our society! Against Prisons and their World! Towards full liberation in 2021!

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