Running Down the Walls 2019


This weekend, be sure to check out Running Down the Walls events in the following cities. From Prison Break: 

Sunday, June 9, in NYC’s Prospect Park, at Humboldt Park in Chicago, at Lake Merritt Park in Oakland, and in LA at Echo Park Lake. Running Down the Walls will also happen in Hamilton, ON at Bayfront Park on Saturday, June 23rd, and other cities. If you can’t find a RDTW near you, maybe this is a great time to start one!

For years people have organized Running Down the Walls events on both sides of the prison walls to promote solidarity with political prisoners and also to fundraise to support anarchist and prison abolitionist projects.

Here’s a roundup of flyers:



Chicago, IL:

Brooklyn, NY:

Hamilton, ON (note: this is happening on June 23rd):

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