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Apr 8, 20

Rustbelt Abolition Radio: “I’m Fighting for My Life Right Now”

Rustbelt Abolition Radio continues coverage of the spread of the coronavirus in Michigan prisons.

Donate to this vital support fund organized by abolitionists in Michigan to help sustain those inside.

This past weekend we spoke again with Bruce X at Macomb correctional facility in Michigan. He’s tested positive for Covid-19. Bruce X has been warning us of this tragedy for weeks now.

Last time we spoke with him, he refused to go back to his cell because his bunkmate was sick. He’s asthmatic. As a result, he was put in solitary confinement. A correctional officer at Macomb told him, ”I don’t give a damn if you live or die.”

His unit is now the epicenter of the outbreak inside Macomb prison. After much insistence, he was finally tested last week and was put in quarantine. Bruce X — along with almost 60 others inside Macomb prison alone — is fighting for his life.

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Rustbelt Abolition

Rustbelt Abolition Radio is an abolitionist media and movement-building project based in Detroit, MI. Each episode amplifies the voices of those impacted by mass incarceration and explores ongoing work in the movement to abolish the carceral state (that is, prisons, police, courts as well as racial domination and capitalist exploitation).

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