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Mar 29, 17

Sacramento, CA: Cleaning Up Damigo’s Neo-Nazi Stickers After Trump Rally

Local Trump organizers in Sacramento have attempted to distance themselves from neo-Nazis in the Golden State Skinheads (GSS) after an article was published by Sacramento Antifa which showed clear links between the two.

However, neo-Nazis with the GSS weren’t the only fascists wanting to be in the streets of Sacramento for the pro-Trump march on the 25th. Nathan Damigo, a neo-Nazi who became a white supremacist after reading David Duke in prison while serving time for attacking a Middle Eastern man and who went on to become a leader for the National Youth Front, the youth wing of the neo-Nazi group, the American Freedom Party, was also in attendance. In 2016, the NYF evolved into Identity Evropa, which is best known for putting up color posters and stickers at colleges and universities, often using variations of Trump slogans.

Hanging out with Nathan in Sacramento was Steve McNallen, leader of the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA), a white supremacist variety of the Asatru pagan religion. Over the past few years, AFA has been kicked out of most pagan and heathen conferences and circles for their open embrace of white supremacist ideology and their connections to the Golden State Skinheads. In the tweet above, you can see McNallen wearing a thor’s hammer necklace, the name necklace worn by neo-Nazis such as Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Worker Party and Jeff Schoep, of the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM).

Although Nathan Damigo has recently talked shit on ‘Based Stick Man,’ aka Kyle Chapman, he is also seen in the pictures above hanging out right next to him. Despite this, on March 28th Damigo wrote off Chapman for not being a true white supremacist and having a kid with his Asian partner, however noted:

So why would the “based” stick man cuck on race, making an empirically false claim and alienating a significant proportion of his supporters? Much has recently been revealed about Chapman’s personal life after he was doxxed by antifa in an article by the anarchist website, It’s Going Down. Though allegedly having read Arthur Kemp’s fashy two-volume history of the white race March of the Titans, Chapman has a child with a woman of Asian descent, and it would make sense that advocating civic nationalism is about as far as he can go without alienating her or his progeny.

This poses a strange scenario for those in the Alt-Right who just several days ago stood toe-to-toe against antifa at Trump rallies across the country. While I agree that it is disheartening to hear the man who ascended to a meme call for the rejection of white interests, we must nevertheless continue to move forward with our uneasy alliance in order to make progress on altering social policy. Ending sanctuary cities, birthright citizenship, and installing a national E-Verify system are just a handful of policies that we can work together with civic nationalists on, and if successful, would put us closer to securing a future for our people.

After the rally, Nathan Damigo put up a wide variety of neo-Nazi stickers around town. All of this just further shows the short line of separation between Trump supporters who refuse to believe that their ranks are swimming with neo-Nazis and the Alt-Right, and those same very people trying to push Deplorables into open white supremacist and neo-Nazi politics.

This stickers quickly came down, and were replaced with anarchist and antifa ones.

Gentrification of the bay area continues to steamroll entire communities causing people to be pushed into the valley, driving up rent prices. Meanwhile, jobs continue to pay little and remains locked within an ever expanding service sector that forces us to work harder for less money. At the same time, the ecological situation in the Central Valley only becomes more dire. The ground beneath our feet is literally sinking below us as large corporations and politicians battle over access to water, fracking, and land. White nationalism and the Alt-Right offer no solutions to any of these problems and just want to restructure our existing society along even further lines of gender, class, and racial structures of power.

The growth of fascism and the Alt-Right isn’t a solution to the collapse of capitalist civilization, it’s simply a sign of its impending demise and a drive to save it by reactionaries trying to mislead people looking for an alternative. Instead, we need a grassroots, working-class, and militant movement organized around anti-racist and anti-colonial lines to be created and developed.

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