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Mar 28, 17

Sacramento, CA: Graffiti Connects Local Trump Organizer to Neo-Nazis

The ‘Make America Great Again’ marches organized nationally for March 25th served as the perfect excuse for fascists, white nationalists, and neo-Nazis alike to network and rally in the streets. Here in Sacramento, it quickly became clear that the same pattern would be taking place.

Before the day of the march, our local Anti-Fascist Action published a damning article drawing undeniable connections between key organizers of the Sacramento MAGA March and the Neo-Nazis responsible for the stabbings that occurred at the State Capitol Building on June 26th, 2016. Alicia Peterson (AKA Alicia Clayton), the lead organizer of the local march, was exposed for not only affiliating herself with several of these Nazi Skinheads through Facebook, but also for inviting them to come to her event and to help organize it.

Those in Sacramento who received this troubling news have taken matters into their own hands, taking to the streets armed with spray cans and choice slogans. Shortly after the Sacramento MAGA March, the message “Alicia Peterson is a Nazi” was spotted just off of X St, tagged in huge red letters on a retaining wall next to the Business 80 on-ramp. We can only hope that inspired Sacramento residents continue to draw from the Anti-Fascist cause, and continue to make themselves heard through participating in nighttime activity. We also hope that Alicia Peterson and the bonehead picnic she organized is never forgotten here in Sacramento – and not in the way that she’d like.

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