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Sep 30, 19

Sacramento Police Keep Impounding Local Community Organizers Cars

Anarchists in Sacramento, California report on ongoing harassment of Black Lives Matter and community organizers by local law-enforcement.

Local houseless advocate and organizer, Mackenzie Wilson, was driving between events earlier Thursday, September 26th when they were identified by local Sheriffs department Officer Albee in their regular vehicle.

Officer Albee is part of the Sacramento Sheriffs Department “Homeless Outreach Team” and does anything but, as their primary roles include sweeps, seizures and arrest of the houseless community in the greater Sacramento region. After a baseless stop and illegal search of the organizers vehicle, the officer impounded the truck of Mackenzie Wilson “based on discretion” causing greater than $1,000 in substantial damages.

Most recently known for their work at the Stockton Boulevard encampments where they were arrested resisting the eviction of the 5700 Stockton Blvd Houseless Camp May 1st with another activist, their image has been plastered in local popular media as the face standing against unjust law enforcement in Sacramento. Known as Mack and Max by their friends and comrades, they prefer they/them pronouns. A staple of community resistance in Sacramento, they’ve organized with Black Lives Matter (BLM) Sacramento, Allies of BLM Sac, Sacramento Tenants Union, Anti-Police Terror Project, Decarcerate Sacramento, Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, Occupy ICE Sacramento, and many more.

This is the second most notable time a Sacramento community volunteer has been notably car-jacked by law enforcement this year. The first was March 3rd, 2019 after a revolt in the Sacramento City Hall chambers following the one year anniversary of the murder of Stephon Clark by the hands of Sacramento PD Officers Terrance Mercadel and Jared Robinet.

During the March 3rd event, community volunteer and advocate for Black Lives, Kevin Boltz, gave a rousing speech with many others concerned with the state of affairs of Sacramento. Included were references to #JosephMann, the #Sac84 bridge protestors and the murder of #StephonClark. In this declaration of incompetence of the governing body of the city of Sacramento, he warned City Council, “This city is going to burn in the next 30 or 60 days if you don’t shut up and listen.”

In particular to him speaking truth to power, he warned of the rising level of civil unrest should justice be delayed or denied for the murder of Stephon Clark. As a blatant result of retaliation for his comment, Kevin Boltz was then unjustly pulled over by Sacramento PD while leaving City Hall where he was illegally searched and his vehicle was seized police.

It is important to say that this repeat tactic and unprovoked escalation by law enforcement in Sacramento happened the day it was announced that federal authorities would be declining charges against the officers who murdered Stephon Clark. This target-and-disrupt tactic by Sacramento law enforcement is nothing new, but is considerably a new low in its attempt to disable the volunteers of our community who actively and actually serve it.

The members of the greater Sacramento activist community are keenly aware that there are no limitations on what police “can” and “can not” do, but simply what they “will” or “will not” do. However, all the inoculation training available can not prepare you for economic tragedy. A fellow community organizer and volunteer for the community has started a fundraiser to compensate the funds required for Mackenzie to pay back their car fees and continue their cost of living which allows them to serve our community so exceptionally well.

The current ask is for the $1,000 amount, but we are asking if folks could exceed that by any amount necessary. We understand that every contribution that goes towards helping our comrade is a contribution that will be returned to our Sacramento community. Check out the fundraiser for Mack here.

Sacramento folks will be meeting and discussing how to respond to this clear and present retaliation to one of our own as a response to this news. The best way you can support right now is to provide material support, spread awareness, and stay tuned for more updates of our community response. To stay close to the news, you can follow us on Facebook @ Anarcho-Sactivism.

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