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May 2, 19

San Jose, CA: Hundreds of Flyers Target White Nationalist Teacher in “American Identity Movement”

The following report was anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down.

Last night, antifascists in San Jose visited the neighborhood of Kyle Scheuerlein, a known white supremacist in Identity Evropa. Kyle Scheuerlein is a school teacher in San Jose until being outed by comrades in “Panic in the Discord!” Kyle was identified after Unicorn Riot was leaked Identity Evropa’s private chat logs. Although IE helped organize the deadly Charlottesville rally, this did not dissade Kyle even while being employed as a teacher at Valley Christian Schools. We decided to take action after becoming aware he was the second Nazi school teacher in Identity Evropa.

We took this action last night because we believe in confronting hate no matter where we find it. We also chose today in solidarity with International Workers Day. We oppose all forms of fascism as we recognize it is a tool of Capitalism to oppress the working class.

The local comrades who organized the action have been living in San Jose for decades and we affirm there is no place for hate in the Bay. Last night we pasted photos of Kyle in his neighborhood to alert his neighbors to his hateful and vile behavior. We distribute around 500 flyers to the community. Stay tuned for additional antifascist organizing in the near future.

Solidarity with all antifascist prisoners. Solidarity with Chelsea Manning! Free Jeremy Hammond. (///) (A)

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This submission came to It's Going Down anonymously through IGD is not the author nor are we responsible for the post content.

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