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Mar 6, 18

Saturday, March 24th: Defend Afrin International Day of Action

The following is a call from a variety of groups for a day of international solidarity with Afrin in the autonomous region of Rojava.

Demand Utopia, the North American Kurdish Alliance, Friends of Rojava North America, and the Institute for Social Ecology call for an international day of action in solidarity with Rojava and in defense of Afrin to occur on Saturday, March 24th, 2018. We are calling on all those who find common cause with the struggle of the people of Rojava to take a stand against these attacks against one of the region’s and the world’s most hopeful movements.

We Call for the Following Demands:

-Immediate condemnation of the Turkish and jihadist invasion of Afrin
-Demand for the immediate withdrawal and cessation of hostilities against Afrin and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, with economic sanctions imposed until the Turkish state complies.
-Immediate cessation of arms sales to Turkey.
-Immediate implementation of a no-fly zone over northern Syria and Afrin in particular.
-Arm the YPG/YPJ in Afrin with MANPADS to defend against Turkish bombings of civilians.

We stand together in solidarity, with the same message. The actions listed are consistent with the same demands outlined by the American Kurdish Association and other groups with direct ties to the struggle in Rojava.

What you Can Do:

-Organize a rally in your area to raise awareness or put pressure on a person in power to implement the demands listed above.
-Organize a letter writing or call in session to your congressional representative asking for the demands listed above.
-Host a fundraiser to assist with essential supplies needed in Afrin.
-Do a banner drop or hand out flyers to raise awareness about the situation in Afrin.
Host an educational event to build support for Afrin in your area.

Follow the link here and let us know if you will be hosting an action. Also you can find more information, action tips/help for the day of action.

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